Acid-Alkaline Diet Balance

Acid-Alkaline Diet
Jun 2017

Diet plays a huge role in the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Some foods are acidifying and some more alkalizing. There are about twenty amino acids, dozens of fatty acids and sugars, over forty different vitamins and hundreds or minerals, trace minerals and trace elements that the body uses to function properly. These substances are classified into […]


Sun Exposure and Natural Sunscreens Protect Your Skin

Sun Exposure and Natural Sunscreens
Jun 2017

Let’s talk about sun exposure and sunscreens. It is said that the sun isn’t healthy for us and we need to use as much sunscreen as possible to protect our skin. However that isn’t true. Firstly, sun exposure in moderation is healthy as it not only raises vitamin D and serotonin levels and therefore our […]


Preventive Hangover Remedies Prevent and Treat

Preventive Hangover Remedies
May 2017

Remedies to help prevent and treat over indulgent in alcohol consumption as well as overeating this Memorial holiday weekend. Prevention Take Probiotics to help build your gut friendly bacteria. 80% of our immune system is in the gut. Probiotics can help protect against parasites, infections, toxins and bad bacteria; help with absorption of nutrients and […]