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Introducing to you

The Vibrant Glow, By Dr. Hadar.

Using Functional Medicine to create a Vibrant Glow from the inside out, we use specific lab testings that are ordered and analyzed, in order to find the ROOT CAUSE of what is keeping you unwell.

Main points achieved:

Holistic weight loss
Immune support
Graceful aging

High quality supplements, and nutrition programs are all provided and included in the cost of the program

All appointments are done VIRTUALLY from the comfort of your home and only require a phone or computer.

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Experience the Art of Natural Healing

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A California State Board and National Board Certified Acupuncturist.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


A noninvasive form of treatment that promotes natural healing and well being.

Doctor Assessment

Herbal Consultation

Certain herbs and formulas will be prescribed depending on patient’s needs.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Vibrant Glow Detox Program

Patients can have a tailored program custom fit to their overall health needs.

Japanese Technique

Reiki and Energy Work

Technique that utilizes the laying on hands to help promote healing.

eastern medicine
Assessment and Diagnosis

Nutritional and Supplements

Nutrition consultation and supplements recommendation are accordingly given. 

Traditional Method


Cupping is often used to help treat and eliminate many types of conditions. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gua Sha

A therapeutic method to help bring blood to the area and invigorate the blood.

Detect and Analyze

Blood Work & Functional Medicine Tests

According to patient’s needs and presentation, ordering a panel of blood work.

The Vibrant Glow on Fox 5 News San Diego

Dr Hadar Elbaz featured on Fox 5 News San Diego. Discussing how to detox after Memorial Day Weekend from too much food and alcohol. She also covers the benefits of acupuncture and other health tips.

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Experience the Art of Natural Healing

How to detox your body from heavy metals

Informative video utilizing nutrition and supplements to help your body detoxify from adverse effects of heavy metals and toxins.