Protect Yourself from Spike Protein and Boost Immunity

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Aug 2023

Taking proactive steps toward robust health and wellness is more crucial than ever. By now you may have heard that there is information coming out daily, highlighting the negative effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. Cancer, autoimmune disease, myocarditis, and other heart issues as well as mysterious neurological illnesses are all on the rise.

As we continue to become aware of more side effects, strengthening our immune systems, detoxifying, and mitigating the effects of the shots (and also COVID itself), has become a priority for many.

One great formula to help mitigate the effects of the spike protein, is the Spike Support by The Wellness Company, which I have joined and am working with! I urge you to take it daily, whether vaccinated or not, to help protect yourself and get immunity stronger.

Our Spike Support Formula is a MUST-HAVE in the fight to be proactive with your health. This formula is a powerful cocktail of selenium, nattokinase, dandelion root, black seed extract, green tea extract, and Irish sea moss.

According to scientific research, these ingredients collectively battle inflammation, clot formation, cellular damage, and spike proteins associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Take it twice daily if vaccinated, for a few months or regularly. Avoid if pregnant. use code HADAR

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For any questions, don’t hesitate contacting me.

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